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The Glastonbury Trust

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The Glastonbury Trust is a charity that works with individuals and community groups to promote emotional well-being, citizenship, environmental improvement and spiritual growth.

We are a grant-making body that allocates funds in a way that best serves our current focus on high social impact community development and sustainability. The Glastonbury Trust supports projects that have community cohesion and inclusion at their heart. We have a special interest in building a supportive and empowering environment for Mothers, children, young people and the elderly. To find out more, check out our Glastonbury Mothers Collective project. The Trust believes in social enterprise and supports community infrastructure in Glastonbury and the surrounding area. This can take the form of:

  • Supporting the purchase or maintenance of community owned buildings, housing or land.
  • Supporting the start-up costs of community organisations.
  • Supporting rents for community organisations.
  • Supporting specific projects initiated by community organisations.
  • Supporting networking and information sharing initiatives.
  • Supporting effective community group facilitation and training.
  • Preserving green spaces for rewilding projects and natural protection.

The Trust has a vision for Glastonbury as a centre for innovative and self-sustaining holistic community infrastructure, and is happy to have conversations with individuals and organisations that have a focus on this.