Glastonbury Mental Health Network aims to connect local people with projects, practitioners, services and events that can support and improve mental health and wellbeing

Our website is intended as a first port of call for anyone who is struggling with their mental health, or looking to improve their mental wellbeing. It’s a place to find out about community, peer and professional support, and be guided on the journey towards healing and greater self-understanding.

We respond to the needs of our local community by developing events, trainings and other projects. We have been running a successful community safe space called The Snug in partnership with The Red Brick Building, since January 2022. We have also been delivering Listening Skills and Mental Health First Aid trainings for businesses, community groups and individuals who are in a ‘front-line’ role supporting people with mental health difficulties. The trainings aim to better equip people with the skills, information and resources needed to support those who are struggling.

We want to build links between those with a personal or professional interest in mental health, and create opportunities for networking, sharing ideas and resources – and increasing knowledge and understanding. If you’d like to find out more, please sign up to our quarterly newsletter or contact us

Breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health is a key part of our vision, and promoting a culture of openness around our mental health experiences and deeper human needs.

At the root of our work is the understanding that we all suffer and we can all thrive.

GMHN is a registered charity. Our Project Lead is Chloe Forfitt and our Trustees are Andrew Gowland, Fen Bagias, Trish Long and Jon Cousins.