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Somerset Arts Therapies Centre

By 4 November 2021No Comments

A new and creative space in Compton Dundon where people of all ages can access the therapeutic benefits of engaging in Arts Therapies.

Adults who come to Art Therapy often find great relief in being allowed some space to re-connect with their more playful and spontaneous selves. Those who have experienced difficult childhoods may find it helpful to release stuck feelings from that time. Neuroscience tells us that the parts of the brain activated during art making are the same as those in pre-verbal development, which means we can access our experiences from very early childhood. Sometimes adults come to Art Therapy just to understand themselves better.

Children will use art and play as a natural part of their communication. Making art can help them to process difficult things that have happened. Helping children to put words to their creations (although words are not always necessary) can help them to find ways of expressing themselves to others that might otherwise be perceived as difficult behaviours. Having things seen in a different way through the art can be enormously helpful for parents/carers too. When a parent/carer and child make art together, it can help to build a stronger attachment.

Contact Bridget Rees – 07733 287999