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Avalon Men’s Circle

By 4 November 2021No Comments

Avalon Men’s Circle is based on The Way of Council which is an ancient spiritual practice of storytelling and deep conversation. Each man signs an Agreement which details some simple guidelines and responsibilities for those attending. There are usually between 6 and 12 men who attend so it is relatively intimate. The process is a simple ceremony. On arrival we are smudged with smoke to cleanse our energetic field and this action symbolises a leaving at the door all the baggage of the world and the day’s events as we enter sacred space. We sit in a circle. Ceremony is opened with a calling in of the seven directions and candles at the centre of the circle are lit. We dedicate our time to sharing what is alive in us by speaking with a level of vulnerability that is appropriate to each man. Our intention is to be the best version of ourselves possible and in the safe container of the circle we can begin to reclaim our full sovereignty as conscious men. A talking stick is used to indicate the speaker and this stick is held by each man as he speaks his truth. The stick moves around the circle clockwise. Plenty of silence between each and within each sharing, creates spaciousness for meaning—both spoken and unspoken—to be offered and received.

Contact Miguel Dean – 07846 697924