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Glastonbury Community Fridge

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The Glastonbury Community Fridge is a project designed to reduce food waste and provide free food to anyone in the community who needs it. Visit the Facebook page or website for latest information on the fridge, as well as other initiatives – including food parcels and hot food available on Saturdays afternoons.


Where is the community fridge?

Magdalene st, Glastonbury, BA69EL. Next to the town hall, look for big green double doors.

When is it open?

From 8am to 4ish depending on stock levels – we may close the fridge early if it’s empty until it’s next restocked, usually that evening. If it’s closed and you have food to donate, please call the number on the door.

Where does the food come from?

Local supermarkets, businesses and individuals. Donations of surplus goods from allotments welcomed plus any tinned or packaged goods within use by date.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs it. Please only take what you need and what you can eat whilst it is still good.

Why is it there?

It’s part of a network of nearly 100 fridges across the UK. It’s aim is to reduce food waste and to support anyone who needs food to have access to it. More info on community fridges and their purpose here:- https://www.hubbub.org.uk/the-community-fridge

What will I find in it?

This depends on what has been donated. At the moment, pasta, bread & UHT milk are common but recently we’ve had lots of honey, couscous, rice, tea and loads of fresh vegetables. We currently have a supply of sanitary products which we will aim to keep topped up and sometimes have toiletries and washing capsules and sometimes even fresh flowers!

Can I donate food?

Yes – but from individuals we can only take fresh veg and fruit (bottom of fridge) or unopened tins and packets within use by date due to restrictions of food safety certification. We are not permitted to take perishables unless direct from supermarket donation.

Can I donate money?

Yes – funds are always welcome to help with our running costs; please contact us for our PayPal address or bank details. Admin@glastonburycommunityfridge.com

Who is running it?
The project is currently entirely run by volunteers. If you have any time during the week to help with cleaning and tidying or would like to help support in any way please contact us by email.