Connect 5

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Glastonbury Mental Health Network, in partnership with Health Connections Mendip, is able to offer a three stage Connect 5 training course, either online or face to face in small groups.

The trainings are 3 hours each in length and can be accessed by people across the community, including businesses, community groups and the public.

Connect 5 provides participants with skills and competencies that build confidence in having conversations about mental health and wellbeing. The trainings have been developed by a partnership of academic, clinical and public health professionals, drawing on cognitive behavioural therapy to promote self-help strategies. The trainings are being offered on a donation basis.

Aims of Connect 5 (level 1) include:

  • Extending your skills and knowledge so that you feel confident having mental wellbeing conversations in day-to-day life and work situations.
  • Learning mental health models that you can use to frame wellbeing conversations.
  • Describing the 3Cs of connected conversations.
  • Knowing how to access mental wellbeing services and resources in your area.

Connect 5 is not a counselling training course and does not go into depth about mental health conditions. Any businesses or individuals looking to learn about specific mental health problems may want to explore doing a Mental Health First Aid training course.

The trainings are available for free but donations to Glastonbury Mental Health Network are welcome.

For further information please contact Fen Bagias on 07538 546139