Introduction to Basic Listening Skills

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A collaboration between Steffi Cutland and the Glastonbury Mental Health Network.

During this four week introductory course you will be introduced to, and have the opportunity to learn and practice, four basic listening skills.

These are valuable life skills that everyone is able to benefit from. Participating in the course will help to increase your ability to listen, in order to build trust, improve your relationships, increase your problem solving capacities and broaden your knowledge.

Dates, times and location:
Our next course starts in September 2021 and will be held at The Red Brick Building.
Please contact us for details on this and future courses.

Cost: Donations are welcome, no matter how small.

The course is facilitated by Steffi Cutland. She is an experienced therapeutic counsellor, supervisor and teacher with a passion for the ART of LISTENING .

If you would like to register to participate in a future course please contact us